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I would like to express sincere gratitude to all the wonderful staff, who was working with my mother after she had knee replacement surgery.

From the moment we finally arrived after being transferred late from the hospital and until her discharge day, she was surrounded by a wonderful group of people. They treated her life family and have done everything professionally and personally, to help her adjustment and return back to her regular life.

Upon arrival we were greeted by many staff members from Admissions, Social work and Physical therapy departments. My mom had a wonderful room and everything was ready to start her rehabilitation process immediately.

Natalie, personally, was available 24/7 gave me her cell #, answered all questions, monitored my mother’s progress and assisted with post discharge planning.

William Kelly, LMSW called me the next day after my mother’s admission and was constantly on the phone with insurance and the hospital to extend her days in Sea Crest to get the full course of Rehabilitation and Physical therapy after her knee replacement surgery.

Jingle, Sam, Olga, Mohammed and many others from Physical therapy became my mom’s best friends working tirelessly on her knee.

Dr. Livshits monitored her Rx and visited her daily to make sure she was not in distress or pain.

Ilya, Sergey and many others who worked on the 6th floor, food assistants, aids and nurses who worked with my mom, thank you so much for all your wonderful work and help. We will recommend Sea Crest as absolutely the best center in Brooklyn.

Marina Kharaz

I am a close friend and health proxy of a Sea Crest resident.  My friend has lived there for ten months and I am so very pleased with the care he receives.  I visit him weekly and have had the pleasure of getting to know the staffs who work to care for him.  In particular I am so pleased that John has the care of Ms. Edwards, a nurse’s aid, with whom he feels comfortable and safe.  She is cheerful and kind, as indeed all of the Sea Crest staff has been.  Ms. Edwards attends to his needs with warmth, and John, as difficult as he can be, is very responsive to her in particular.

I also look forward to my weekly visits with the wonderful administrative/social work team of Bill, Natalie, and Megan.  I enjoy popping in to the office each time I am there to see these folks who are all so incredibly competent, understanding, and positive.  This transition to a nursing home (with several psychiatric and health crises) has been difficult for us both, however, with the team at Sea Crest I feel we are not alone.  They are always available by phone or in person to answer questions and attend to concerns.  I feel confident that my friend is in a place where his best interest is the focus and that we, his family and friends, are also welcomed.  I am so thankful for the staff who work tirelessly and with such patience to care for all the residents at Sea Crest.  

Ann King

After my major accident, I was admitted to Sea Crest Health Care Center for rehabilitation.  Speaking for myself, having visited different rehabilitation centers, between the care from the staff from the top all the way to the porter, it never ceased to amaze me about the heartfelt kind care I received.  As far as the Therapy department, from day one when trust was established with the therapists, it is amazing how much progress I was able to make, as a side note, I saw people who came here that were told they could never walk and therapy here has helped them to walk.  This is only accomplished because of the loving care that the therapists give to the residents. The facility is kept spotless and housekeeping staff is always on top of their game.  The nursing staff, from the charge nurse to the CNA’s was always available to meet my needs.

Avraham S. Gruberger

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for the care that was given to my mother.  My mother came to your facility unable to walk on her own, six weeks ago, and now she can care for herself and my father again.  It was due to the personalized care and rehabilitation that was given by your staff.

I visited her multiple times a day and found your staff to be professional, proficient and caring; from reception, to housekeeping, to food service, to nursing, to physical therapy and finally to administration.

My mother was especially happy with the services of Mr. Kelly who would ensure her requests were met in a timely matter.  Her air conditioner had broken, he took care of it, her toilet seat needed to be repaired, and he ensured it was completed.  She was also well taken care of by the capable hands of Bryan, Mr. V, Olga and Joy.  Their gentle touch made my mother feel at home and she trusted their guidance to bring her to this point.  They treat each patient as an individual and their enthusiasm showed though in their work.  Her nurses were exceptional, especially Christine, the medication nurse.

We were very happy with all of the services provided. All of this could only happen if there is a capable leader in place to allow such an environment to flourish, so I thank you for your leadership.  We will be sure to let other family and friends know of the gem we found in Coney Island, keep up the good work!

Thank you again for all you have done to help facilitate my mom’s road to recovery.

Christopher Wagner

To my mothers Doctors, Nurses, Aides, Therapists and Social workers:

For all the special care and thoughtful attention you provided to my mom.  I am very appreciative of all your efforts.

Jack Defontane

I would love to give my thanks and appreciation to the medical staff of the rehabilitation center.  Among them are Ilya, Gulya and Maria Momplaisir.  I truly thank them for their professionalism and their constant attention to my mother who is 99 years old.  Those people are very caring and understanding, and they always answer all my questions regarding her health state.  I do believe that people like those are perfect for this health care system.  I really appreciate and value their kindness towards the elderly people.

Irene Kreny