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Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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At Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation, we recognize the significance of maintaining a sense of well-being and confidence, especially during challenging times. Our commitment to holistic care extends to offering amenities that support our residents’ emotional and psychological well-being, and our beauty parlor and barber shop are integral to this aspect of our care. We understand that feeling good about one’s appearance can positively impact overall mood and self-esteem, which is why we provide a range of services to help residents look and feel their best. Our professional stylists create a welcoming and socially engaging atmosphere as they cater to the grooming needs and preferences of our residents, ensuring that they receive personalized attention and care.

woman gets her hair cut by stylist

Our beauty parlor and barber shop serve as more than just places for grooming; they are also spaces where residents can enjoy social interaction and relaxation. These amenities are designed to create an environment where residents can feel pampered and refreshed, adding a sense of normalcy and enjoyment to their daily routines. Whether it’s a haircut, a new hairstyle, or a simple grooming session, our residents have the opportunity to engage with our skilled stylists and barbers, fostering a sense of connection and well-being. We believe that providing access to these services goes beyond physical appearance – it contributes to the emotional and social aspects of our residents’ overall well-being, helping them feel their best and enhancing their quality of life during their stay with us.

At Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation, we consider the well-being and dignity of our residents as top priorities. Our beauty parlor and barber shop are essential components of our commitment to providing a holistic and enriching care experience. Through these amenities, we aim to create an atmosphere of comfort and social interaction, allowing our residents to feel fresh, well-groomed, and revitalized, which can have a positive impact on their overall sense of well-being and contentment.


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