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Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

Commitment, Compassion, Customized Care


At Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation, our priority is to ensure that you have a positive and comfortable experience during your stay with us, and we are confident that you will. Our center is meticulously maintained, fostering a clean, professional, and polished environment that is both impressive and inviting. Our team is dedicated to providing kind and compassionate care, striving to create an atmosphere that fosters the healing process. We are genuinely excited about the opportunity to host you and look forward to providing you with the support and comfort you need on your journey to wellness.

Sea Crest Building exterior on boardwalk


At Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation, we share the same goals as you – to experience renewal, restore your independence, and rehabilitate your body. Our aim is to make this process as efficient and seamless as possible. Even though your stay may be short-term, we want you to feel like part of our family while you are here. From the moment you are admitted, our dedicated team of social workers will provide guidance and support throughout your journey. They will work closely with you to develop a personalized discharge plan that ensures a smooth transition back to your everyday life. Our discharge planning focuses on ensuring that once you have achieved your rehabilitation goals with us, you can return home to a supportive and safe environment that will promote your ongoing health and well-being.


At Sea Crest Nursing and Rehabilitation, we consider it a privilege and an honor to be chosen for a long-term stay, and we are committed to making you feel completely at home. Our team of social workers will stand by you as advocates, providing continuous support and companionship to both you and your loved ones as you navigate this significant transition. Whether you encounter challenges with insurance or your family caregivers are grappling with treatment decisions, our social workers are dedicated to helping you navigate through these complexities. They are also there to offer encouragement, celebrate your achievements, and provide everything you need as your unique journey unfolds within our care.


If you are interested in coming to Sea Crest Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, our admissions team can help you get started.

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